07/07/11 That damn cat…

… has just been slung unceremoniously out of the greenhouse and is in big trouble with Whitevanwoman for sleeping in the tray of onions again. Ha ha! I’ll keep an eye on that damn cat and will let Whitevanwoman know if she sneaks in again 😉

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27/05/11 That damn cat…

 … was sitting on the living room window sill when we got home last night. Whitevanwoman doesn’t like her doing that because all her plants get knocked off onto the floor.

I wouldn’t sit on the window sill. I just get up on my hind legs and rest my front legs on the window sill so that I can see out. I try not to knock the plants off but sometimes I do and then I have to go and lie in my bed and try to pretend it wasn’t me, it was that damn cat 😉

Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes I dont.

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