07/07/11 That damn cat…

… has just been slung unceremoniously out of the greenhouse and is in big trouble with Whitevanwoman for sleeping in the tray of onions again. Ha ha! I’ll keep an eye on that damn cat and will let Whitevanwoman know if she sneaks in again 😉

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29/05/11 That damn cat…

… has just been shouted at by Whitevanwoman 🙂  for sitting in the tray of onions which are growing in the greenhouse.

Whitevanwoman was cross and said that the tray of half-grown onions is NOT a litter tray for that damn cat.

I’m not allowed in the greenhouse and I think it’s not fair at all that that damn cat spends hours curled up in there in the warmth. I’m glad she got shouted at 🙂


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