19/08/11 That Damn Cat…

… has just done it again! She’s brought in another mouse…OMG! … IT’S GONE!

Less than 10 seconds!  That’s seriously impressive for a cat of her size (she’s a skinny little thing, about the same size as my head).

Grudging respect for that damn cat. Just don’t tell her I said that, otherwise she’ll never let me forget I said it. 

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15/08/11 That Damn Cat…

… has just come trotting in with a mouse in her mouth and dropped it in front of me. Does she expect me to be impressed or something?

Anyway, before Whitevanwoman had the chance to grab the mouse with the firetongs, that damn cat was crunching it up and it was gone within about 20 seconds.  I was secretly quite impressed – that’s the kind of speed I usually eat at. 

But that damn cat is her own worst enemy, ha ha! Whitevanwoman says that if she can eat dead mice, then she can eat Aldi cat biscuits and that she is never getting Whiskers cat food ever again. Ha! 🙂

And Whitevanwoman now knows that damn cat is perfectly capable of fending for herself and so she will never worry about leaving “poor Miss Tibby Tabby” home alone again – more adventures for me and Whitevanwoman could be coming up. ..

That damn cat isn’t as smart as she thinks she is 😀

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