12/07/11 That damn cat…

… has just brought in half a dead baby rabbit and is eating it behind the TV.  I don’t think Whitevanwoman is impressed.  Especially as Miss Tibby has got  a full bowl of cat food.

I’m not impressed either,  it’s no wonder I keep getting fleas.  That fleabag of a cat is catching fleas off the rabbits she’s tormenting and then leaving them in MY bed when she decides that she fancies a nap in it. Damn cat,  she should keep her fleas to herself.



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  1. Why is this the first blog entry I have seen? Very amusing Rigg. She’ll get hers one day.

    • Hi Nick, it’s a fairly new blog, I only set it up a few weeks ago when I was driven to distraction with that damn cat sleeping in my bed all the time. I didn’t want to give her too much publicity in my own blog “Memoirs of a mongrel” – she is full of herself as it is. So this blog is about letting the world know what a pest she is, and just how much I (and Whitevanwoman) have to put up with on a daily basis.
      I usually post a link to my FB group (I’m mates with Rigg the pig) when there’s a new post, you mustn’t have been looking at my group recently…
      Glad you like it, make sure you subscribe (see right hand of the page) so you don’t miss any blogs. Now that I’ve authorised your comment, you can comment freely.
      Woofs and licks xxx

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