31/05/11 That damn cat…

… has just been shouted at for sharpening her claws on the door mat 🙂 ha ha ha

Her claws are plenty sharp enough as it is!

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31/05/11 That damn cat…

… is in trouble again for getting up on the kitchen work top during the night and having a munch on the pancakes that Whitevanwoman forgot to put in the fridge last night.

The mistake that the damn cat made was in leaving half eaten pancakes as evidence; I would have made sure I’d eaten all the evidence so that Whitevanwoman might forget that there were any left over pancakes 😉

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30/05/11 That damn cat…

…has been sleeping in my bed all evening. I wish Whitevanwoman would move her off it so I can lie in my own bed without worrying about a scratch on the nose.

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29/05/11 That damn cat…

… has just been shouted at by Whitevanwoman 🙂  for sitting in the tray of onions which are growing in the greenhouse.

Whitevanwoman was cross and said that the tray of half-grown onions is NOT a litter tray for that damn cat.

I’m not allowed in the greenhouse and I think it’s not fair at all that that damn cat spends hours curled up in there in the warmth. I’m glad she got shouted at 🙂


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27/05/11 That damn cat…

 … was sitting on the living room window sill when we got home last night. Whitevanwoman doesn’t like her doing that because all her plants get knocked off onto the floor.

I wouldn’t sit on the window sill. I just get up on my hind legs and rest my front legs on the window sill so that I can see out. I try not to knock the plants off but sometimes I do and then I have to go and lie in my bed and try to pretend it wasn’t me, it was that damn cat 😉

Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes I dont.

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